— Mina Bach

Nothing more unfortunate than finding yourself in the best ice-cream shop in the Universe with a sore throat. Woe is me! I did however manage to find the second best thing at Gelupo‘s: Amarelli anised sweets. The packaging, the lettering!

Amarelli packaging

I immediately thought it must have been the work of the amazing Louise Fili but a quick Google search proved me wrong: it’s actually by Rome-based studio Angelini Design - great work! And a happy throat :)

Just came across this gem by Grant Snider from the New York Times Book Review, genius!


Very much a work in progress, I’ve been having a bit of fun with The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thinking about the mirror (a major symbol in the novel) and the layers that conceal and reveal what was always in fact there:

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Book Cover by Mina Bach

One of the projects I’ve been enjoying working on lately is this cover for ‘On The Road’. I wanted to stay away from the computer for this one and after a bit of research (Pinterest ‘On The Road’ board) I realised I didn’t want to include any literal or obvious references to a road or a car and decided to focus on the idea of the journey instead. I imagine the perfect road trip can only possibly start by dropping pins on an old map and tracing the route with bright red thread so I did exactly that with type:

On The Road Kerouac Book Cover by Mina Bach

On The Road Kerouac Book Cover by Mina Bach

On The Road Kerouac Book Cover by Mina Bach

Final design mock-up with the ‘O’ subtly referencing a wheel and the second ‘O’ and ‘D’ road painted lines:

On The Road Kerouac Book Cover by Mina Bach

I love  peeking into people’s houses, the way we furnish our private spaces – those only our nearest and dearest have access to – says a lot about our own particular taste. When it comes to interiors I favour the extremes: the bare minimal (I dream of having an empty white room in my future home) and the excess (my bedroom right now). Spanish fashion designer David Delfin falls into the former when it comes to his design work but seems to prefer the ‘more is more’ at home. Following his instagram is a joy, I love the way he mixes design classics with vintage gems. Too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful!




The Beauty of Books: Paperback Writer from The BDB on Vimeo.

Anonymous Press (Α–Π) is a publishing platform that allows anyone to publish their own book. After entering a few keywords into the ‘publish’ text box, Α–Π pulls out the content for the 12 page book from a database (Google Image Search) completely at random so every book is unique and generates the form and layout in only 20 seconds. The resulting anonymous book becomes then part of the Press’ online library and a print-on-demand copy is available to purchase for $3. But it goes beyond that. With this project Karolis Kosas takes the concept of authorship and makes it into a playful exercise . As you press the ‘Publish’ button and wait the 20 seconds all the questions about the anonymity of the author, the content generation and what it means to self-publish seem to acquire a fresh new angle and before you can make up your mind – Bang! There it is, you have just published a book:




Anonymous Press No. 8484 - $3