I’m in the curation team that took over the Red Container exhibition and events during the Summer Degree show at LCC. We took submissions from BA Book Arts & Design students and filled the container with over a hundred books, zines and prints.

Here’s Antonella reading Sans Soleil:

Zines and self-published little books by the window:

We had many many events, talks and workshops during the week, it was mental. These are some figures and samples from the Origami workshop:

I designed the poster to promote the show, one portrait A3 side (left) with the main title and image and one landscape A4 side (right) with information about the events and contact details so they can be used for different promotion purposes either together or each on their own. I’m quite happy with the result considering I had less than 24h to design and print the whole thing!.

A few more from the Private View, it was crazy busy:

Check out Theresa’s much more eloquent post about the exhibition on her beautiful blog.

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