One of my favourite things to do is Book Spotting, I love going into book shops to make mental wish lists, take note of book cover designers to look up (you’d be surprised how often they are forgotten in the credits!) and have a jolly good time! It could never be compared to browsing Amazon online. Barcelona is no exception and whenever I’m in the city I always pay a visit to La Central, Freaks Books, Documenta, Casa del Llibre, Laie, Fnac… Spending small fortunes in every one of them as Book Spotting tends to result in Book Shopping!.

Here’s a round-up of my favourite book covers from last Christmas:

‘201 Contes Corrents’ by Joan Barril, Amsterdam Llibres. Love, love love the palette and the bold blocks of colour, instantly reminded me of a lino cut print. Very intriguing cover as well, makes you want to start reading straight away. doesn’t it? :


I’m always looking forward to Blackie Books (actually bought this one, told you book spotting is dangerous on a student budget!), the best young spanish publishing house in my humble opinion. Always daring and exciting. Their covers have become their brand, look it’s ITC Grouch! :


One of the big boys, Alianza Editorial‘s paperback re-design by Manuel Estrada. I fell in love with these two, wood blocks and letterpress inspiration for Salinger’s classics, genius. Have a look at the rest of the covers here.



This cut-out silhouette caught my eye, very clever and reminiscent of the author Virginia Woolf. It turned out to be one of Capitán Swing books, the new (to me) publishers:


Another Capitán Swing book! Brilliant!


I couldn’t find the credits for the cover designs so naturally, I had to email them. Dani and Gabriel were so nice and lovely explaining they designed the covers themselves and were planning a massive re-vamp in the coming weeks. Capitán Swing, ones to watch!




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