I took a break from laser cutting like a crazy lady (all ready for final assessment tomorrow yay!) to attend Pick Me Up at Somerset House, had been looking forward to it so much and it didn’t disappoint however I do agree with the (seemingly) general feeling that it should do more to support lesser known young talent, maybe with a student showcase or recent graduate section. Also more books and zines please!

There was so much to see, do and take in and could have easily spent a few days there. A small selection of my favourites:

Absolutely loved Seiko Kato‘s collages all hand cut paper:

The detail on this skull is unbelievable, needs to be seen in person really:

Jessia Hische‘s letterpress Alphabet:

Always loved Eda Akaltun‘s work, a treat to finally see it full size:

Nobrow space and their cardboard shelves spelling out N-O-B-R-O-W made me so happy. Clever, cheap and effective.

We spent a very long time marvelling at the shelving (and the books!).

And ended up picking up A Graphic Cosmogony Nobrow’s first Anthology, Lab Partners wrapping paper (my love for Lab Partners knows no bounds, no bounds) and was given the amazing Rise & Fall concertina book by Micah Lidberg.

Would have loved to see Polly Becker‘s 3D pieces, shame it was only prints:

The highlight for me this year was definitely Stefanie Posavec and her Writing Without Words project, visual representation of books taking into account number of chapters that divide into paragraphs that divide into sentences that divide into words to create a tree structure colour coded to represent the different characters:

It’s very interesting to see a skeleton of a book represented visually and comparing the different authors makes writing styles very apparent. I was blown away!

Themlot Collective‘s There City was a joy!

Anthony Burrill had a live studio in the fair with workshops going on all day. Sadly his talk sold out before I had a chance to book it. I’ve been following his work since his uber famous ‘Work hard and be nice to people’ poster that now stands proudly on my studio, as a reminder and motivation.

I got the newspaper/zine he created specially for Pick Me Up and one of the 500 ‘We Live & Learn’ books I’d had my eye on for a while:

Last but not least Print Club London‘s timely tribute to the great Elizabeth Taylor by Pure Evil:

Can’t wait for Pick Me Up 2012!

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