I’m really trying to make an effort to enter more competitions this year. This time it’s a film poster for the Ritzy’s, my favourite cinema in South London and definitely one of the things that make me cross the river with joy. The cinema is celebrating its centenary this year with a Poster Competition asking to recreate an iconic movie poster in your own style.

I chose Lolita and ┬áthe iconic heart shaped sunglasses (that funnily enough don’t actually appear in the film) and instead of showing her with the glasses I showed what she would see through them. The type is a nod to genius Pablo Ferro’s title sequence for Dr Strangelove (also by Kubrick and Peter Sellers).

Lolita-Ritzy-Alternative-Poster-by-Mina-Bach The prize is 50 tickets for X-Men: First Class (!) and two tickets a month for the rest of the year plus a framed print of the poster and being part of the exhibition. Wish me luck!

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