5 months ago the British Museum asked UAL students to submit project proposals for a Friday Late event to celebrate the Grayson Perry exhibition ‘The Tomb of the Unknown craftsman’. He is one of my favourite artists people alive so basically jumped at the chance! Our project got picked by the curators (YAY) and we started work.

First a bit of research in the British Museum, looking at the way people interact with the space:

Then picking a space for our installation, we chose the Enlightenment Gallery – Room 1 -it’s the oldest room in the museum and always been a library. A Library!

Our installation required plinths and so we designed and made our own to be stackable and made out of reclaimed wood from past uni shows. This was easier said than done ofc but the one thing I have learnt from this project is to embrace failure and not be afraid to try things out and experiment as all the mistakes we made along the way helped a stronger final piece. Also as serious as the BM is and as seriously as we take our work we wouldn’t have made it without a good laugh.

The big night on 11/11/11 was so much fun, we made it in one piece but still recovering. We are going through all the pictures of the installation and collecting all the materials we used (acetate, remaining flyers, paper structures etc) that will be made into a book for Grayson Perry and the BM Library this week so the installation is completely sustainable and generates no waste.

I will post pictures of the night as soon as I have them but in the meantime there is plenty more information here:


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