Feels like I’m spending a lot of time at the ICA lately, most recently for the Publish and be Damned fair. The highlight for me was ‘I don’t want to make a book’ a panel discussion with Lynn Harris of ANDpublishing, Marc Herbst from The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest and Nick Thurston from Information as Material.

The title for the talk comes from this hilarious short by Ryan Siegan Smith HERE. I had to laugh as I’ve often felt the same way, even more now with graduation looming!

Lynn talked about The Piracy Project (that I contributed to with ‘Signed A.C.’) and their self-publishing platform ANDPublic. She argued that nowadays technology allows free tools (software, POD services, the Internet, etc) to be our own creators but content and context need to be delivered in an appropriate way. Nick mentioned his project in the Whitechapel Gallery: ‘DO or DIY’ on self-publishing and the importance of libraries (and guerrilla libraries!). “Don’t wait for others to validate your ideas. Do it yourself.” Can’t wait to go. We had a brief chat with Marc after the talk and bought the latest issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest which is free online here I’m blown away. “No other time than here, No other place than now”. Indeed.

Being still a poor art student I only picked up one book:

The fair was absolutely jam packed! 50 publishers and many many books:

The exhibition in the gallery space: In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists since 1955

Where I discovered SEMINA a hand-printed art and poetry journal published in nine issues from 1955 to 1964 by Wallace Berman, more here.

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