I went to the Terence Conran exhibition at the Design Museum with Vivi the other day and can’t recommend it enough. The tiny main gallery seemed to have multiplied with the clever distribution (by Conran Studio themselves, eh) and the playful display type was fun and related to the importance of craft and tools in Conran’s practice – Watch out for the massive cabinet packed full of lovely old woodworking tools in the last room!.

I hope I have remained true to my fundamental aim throughout my life – to produce useful things at a price that most people can afford. Such things may not win design prizes but neither do they go out of fashion. I have always believed that if products or buildings or interiors are intelligently designed they will help improve the quality of life of the users.

Hear! Hear!

Straight out of Uni – the Central School of Art and Design, now Central Saint Martins – and heavily influenced by the Bauhaus beliefs that “a good design should be available to the whole community, not just to a few” he went on to design for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and Midwinter in 1957 two of my main design inspirations.

“The mood in England in those post war years was that we had an opportunity to reshape the whole world.”

Really loved the timeline display and the bulldog clips really gave it a studio feel. Again, brilliant use of the space.

On until April 12th at the Design Museum.

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