As I always do, I went to Barcelona to visit my family for the Christmas holidays. It was a very relaxing couple of weeks and, as always, managed to fill my suitcase with books. So many interesting small presses and self publishing authors it was hard to restrict myself. So here are my picks, neatly arranged on my wooden floor:

 ’45 formas de decir que has tenido/quieres sexo en Espanol’ — This little book caught my eye, the missing chapter on every tourist guide and rosetta stone Spanish course. Published by Ediciones Valientes, I want everything in their catalogue!

‘El Naufraguito  #82′ — One of my favourite publications. Charming, almost educational and explicitly radical this Barcelona zine has been going since 1989. I’ve heard from different people it’s written and self-published by a 60 year old bank clerk. ‘Those with a heart need armour’. El Naufraguito

‘Dios los cria’ — Very funny comic zine about modern life by P.Taladro.

Rojo Puton  #4‘ — Had a lot of fun reading this one, can’t recommend enough, great comics by Barcelona based cartoonists & illustrators (mostly). Published by Les Golfes Illustracio

Mister  #1‘ — Loved the very personal observational drawings and short stories self-published by Esteban Hernandez

‘L.A. Pau’ — One of my favourite illustrators and comic book artists, we had a long argument about ink-jet printed/stapled zines, a few days later he gave me this copy of L.A. Pau. Brilliant. You win, Irkus!

‘Alex Trochut’ — A collection of wonderful lettering and type work by Barcelona typographer Alex Trochut published by Michel Lagarde Ed

‘La naranja mecanica’ — Couldn’t resist this old 1973 edition of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ published by Minotauro

‘Minotauro #1‘ — The Magazine of Fantasy and Sciene Fiction, 1964. I picked it up for the J.G. Ballard short story inside and the amazing cover, simple and genius!

‘PERDIZ #1‘ — From the spanish saying ‘Feliz como una perdiz’, PERDIZ Magazine is all about happiness, Heard people from Apartamento are involved in it which can only be a good thing. Really looking forward to #2!

‘The Colossus’ — A christmas present from my auntie Victoria, first published in 1960 it was Sylvia Plath’s debut collection of poems. ‘Nudgers and shovers, in spite of ourselves our kind multiplies:We shall by morning Inherit the earth. Our foot’s in the door.’ Published by Faber

‘š! #9 and #10′ — Baltic comics magazine, Sea stories and Female secrets. Another great christmas present from my cousins, loved reading these. Again, can’t wait for more. Published by the fine people at kuš! komiksi


Hologram foil blocking makes me happy!


Circoxidado. El gran espectáculo de Crispín Capote y Flamarión‘ — Children’s book about life in the circus by the very talented Don Sergio Mora author of another of my favourite childrens’ books ‘Papa Tatuado’. Published by Kalandraka

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