Anonymous Press (Α–Π) is a publishing platform that allows anyone to publish their own book. After entering a few keywords into the ‘publish’ text box, Α–Π pulls out the content for the 12 page book from a database (Google Image Search) completely at random so every book is unique and generates the form and layout in only 20 seconds. The resulting anonymous book becomes then part of the Press’ online library and a print-on-demand copy is available to purchase for $3. But it goes beyond that. With this project Karolis Kosas takes the concept of authorship and makes it into a playful exercise . As you press the ‘Publish’ button and wait the 20 seconds all the questions about the anonymity of the author, the content generation and what it means to self-publish seem to acquire a fresh new angle and before you can make up your mind – Bang! There it is, you have just published a book:




Anonymous Press No. 8484 – $3

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