I attended Unit Editions studio event last week, celebrating the launch of Supernew Supergraphics, a collection of the best architectural, environmental and interior graphic design. A follow-up to their well known Supergraphics the first book on the subject that I’m lucky enough to own and treasure (it’s long since sold out and not going to re-print so I recommend you go buy Supernew Supergraphics now that you still can).


At the panel discussion joining co-founders Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook, the supergraphics superheroes Morag Myerscough and Ian Cartlidge. Amidst the heat and cold beers the discussion started with Adrian giving a description of Supergraphics: ‘Giant letter forms, pictographs and bold brightly coloured geometric shapes, wrapped around corners or flowed across ceilings or onto floors expanding and contracting space’ and moved onto the history of Supergraphics from the late 1950s to early 60s praising the swiss educated American pioneer Barbara Stauffacher Solomon.


The Temple of Agape at the Southbank which I had recently visited, was one of the projects Morag discussed, describing the process of working with architects as a collaboration rather than a commission and that communication and ‘speaking the language’ was key. She was also asked why Environmental is one of the only fields in Graphic Design widely dominated by women; when asked the same question, Paula Scher answered that it was just badly paid, Morag bravely replied: ‘Because it’s the best’.

Read more and see my stripey top make an appearance on the Unit Editions Blog.

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