The lovely Sanne Bøg Larsen from Bookpres got in touch a few weeks ago about an interview. I had been following them on social media so was already very familiar with their work. In their own words, Bookpres is a content-driven design team based in Copenhagen, Denmark that uses design and technology to develop products that empower great stories within the world of independent publishing.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the interview. To read in full please check Bookpres.

We are exploring and sharing user stories from the world of independent publishing to discover and showcase creativity, inspiration, knowledge and the details behind the stories that make them remarkable.

Meet Mina Bach, a very talented and well-known freelance Book Designer living in London. Her style of work is based on a keen interest in typography and lettering, carrying a bit of the warmth of the Mediterranean as she is originally from Barcelona. She began her career in publishing at the age of eight as a self-published author, making series of comic books, and today she is working with some of the best within the world of traditional and independent publishing. We sat down for a talk with Mina about her journey to become a successful freelance Book Designer, what makes a good cover, and five tips on things one should consider when briefing a Book Designer.

Hello, Mina! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Could you please walk us through the story of how you got into the world of publishing and becoming a full-time Book Designer?


I’ve had the ‘publishing bug’ from a young age. Possibly inspired by all the books and newspapers in the house; my little brother and I spent all holidays and weekends writing and drawing very elaborate comic books. We would make multiples of each page by hand and staple them into little magazines that we would pop in the neighbours’ postboxes, independent distribution by eight year olds!

Fuelled by my love of publishing, I went on to study a BA in Book Design at the London College of Communication and an MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. At the same time, I did as many jobs and internships in publishing design departments as possible until I landed my dream job after graduation. After working in-house in different publishing houses for many years, I have now gone freelance full-time and love the freedom and amazing projects, publishers and authors I’m lucky to collaborate with. We all share a love of books, and the enthusiasm is truly contagious! 

To read the rest of the interview, head over to Bookpres.

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