Vince Frost, who was named the youngest Associate Director at Pentagram before establishing his own studio Frost* Design in 1994, was recently in London doing a series of talks about his new book project: Design Your Life which he has written and designed. DLY_02

The premise of the book is that you can improve your own life like he has just by applying design thinking and the problem solving approach designers use in their work.

He proposes 4 design principles that have helped him in his own personal/work experience:

  • Explore the Unknown. Step outside your comfort zone, push yourself and grow your mind but know your limits. Rather than try to make everything perfect around you, try to learn from your mistakes but avoid making the same mistake twice.
  • Be Fit(ish). The body is a piece of design. When it’s functioning better it makes it respond better. Design yourself a more sustainable body and it will last longer. Feel what works for you, be healthy.
  • Shadow a star. Look for someone who inspires you and gives you clarity in confusing situations. Having this support really helps making he best moves and helps create the best strategy for you. Seek help, you don’t have to be good at everything, work out what you need help with and find the best person for it. Listen to advice.
  • Dont be a whinger. Blame is lame. Ask why don’t ask why me, take responsibility and learn to say this one’s on me. You set yourself up for excuses by not knowing what you want to achieve. The clearer the goal you have, the more you accept it is a reality. If you are not committed, the finished line is never in sight – how can it be if you don’t know where it is. Own the opportunity and make it great.

In conclusion, seeing problems as opportunities inspire you to work better and live better. The best work you are doing is right now!.

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